Thursday, July 26, 2001

Ever have one of those dreams that is just so good that you automatically assume it's for real and that when you wake up it's going to keep going?? And that it really is happening? Yeah...I woke up this morning hoping I was really moving into WCU today...haha...and was sadly mistaken to realize I still have 3 more weeks. I don't know if I can stand it much longer...I'm so...agrivated...about many things, and I know that me going off to school is going to be SOOOO good for me in soooo many ways. I just wish it were sooner...but then again I don't. I'm going to miss everyone, but there's some people I can't wait to get that far away from haha. But I guess that's just the way it goes. Of course there is that one person that is going to WCU that I wish was moving to like Timbucktoo or something haha...oh well...hopefully there'll be enough going on that I won't have to see him. :) Stupid people. haha Oh! And I talked to my roommate the other day....and I'm happy to say she sounds normal and like we'll get along fine. So that was cool and comforting.

Hmm...well off to enjoy the rain! Later Days!

Sunday, July 22, 2001

I'm actually really really starting to enjoy my summer now that I've gotten the chance to hang out with people! haha...everyone's schedules have been so wack that I haven't gotten to see that many people until recently. So that's been cool...hard to believe it'll all be over in a month...kinda crazy!

I finally got my guitar the other day! Went down to charlotte and got's right's blue! yay! It's a Hohner if anyone cares. So yeah...I'm excited now...learning to play is the next challenge which I think will be fun too! :)

Ok yeah that's disturbing...I just was flipping channels and caught a glimpse of the "number 1" music video on nickelodeon this's by some random "dreamstreet" group...a new boy band that can't be any older than like 10 maybe...a whole new generation of

Sunday, July 15, 2001

Well I am back from the wonderful world of Colorado! I wanna go back so bad! That place is friggin' awesome as all!!! The mountains are so beautiful and amazing...the rivers go on for miles and take on personalities of their own never the same two days in a row...the plains roll on for miles upon miles of endless beauty...even the storms (which were present EVERY night) were so much more amazing out there....the history is so rich out there in the canyons and ruins and the trees and's just such an amazing place that everyone should go at least once in their life, just to experience it all. I've always planned to move out there after I'm begining to wonder if I can wait that long...I may have to move college life out to Colorado somewhere! haha That would be an amazing amazing opportunity if I could manage that one. ::sigh:: Either way, the trip was amazing and much fun....I just can't figure out what time it is anymore...

Well it's off to unpacking and laundry...later days!

Thursday, July 05, 2001

Have you ever gotten a letter from your best friend and you just smiled through the whole thing? That really made my day today! Thank you Tim!

So yeah...a whole day of not working has been completely great! haha very relaxing...mommy and I went and did some shopping...stopped by Jan's for a bit, I helped her friend plan the golf benefit and gave her some more places to go to get sponsers by throwing some names around of ppl I've worked with...doing laundry now so I can pack tomorrow is good today! :)

I've really been thinking lately though...things are really going to change a ton within the next month. I was talking with clara at work the other day about some of it...I'm so ready to go...but at the same time I just dont want to screw up. This will be the first time I'll have been away AWAY from home without my family with that will deffinetly be an adjustment...but I'm not letting myself go home for at least a month...AT LEAST...(I expect everyone to help me with this one! haha) But it's good to know that Tim and KT May will be right down the road at UNCA (well an hour away, but still that's close up there) and then Clara will be down in Athens, GA which is about the same drive away. So I'll still have people close enough by to feel comfortable...and to go visit and get away when I need to. But's going to be an adjustment...

Well now it is back to watching "Rudy"...goodbye!

Wednesday, July 04, 2001

So yeah it rained again this fourth of july raining out the game at work (I work at a minor league baseball stadium) basically I spent my evening dealing with morons that don't understand that we have no control over the weather and no, they are not getting a refund just b/c it rained. I spent the rest of the day before hand selling said tickets to these same people...that as well is always an interesting experience...
"So by sold out, you mean....what?"
"there are no seats"
"so you're saying that we can't have seats"
"so what can we do"
"find something else to do?"
"so what you're saying is..."
"so what about at the gate? Will I be able to get seats then"
yes...I do NOT like people right now...give me a good nights rest and I'll be A OK! but until then...beware.

So in theory I have tomorrow off...yay! Sleep and packing...that shall entertain me for a day! WooHoo!

And if you want a ring pop, you have to pay for them.

Monday, July 02, 2001

Doesn't it suck when you wanna know something but you're too afraid to actually bring it up so you kind of hint at it and then you get your answer and you wanna get mad about it but you can't because they dont know that you know so they would have no idea why you were then in the end it takes all of the fun out of it. Ok so maybe you have no idea what I'm talking about but I do and that's all that HA! But yeah..oh well...c'est la vie!

I'm so ready to move off to college...I really am. I was so scared before...and I still am in a way...but at the same time, I'm so ready to just go and meet new people and do new things. I just wanna break out of this shell and go have more fun!!! And I've been finding out more and more awesome things about where I'm going to be next I'm only an hour and a half away from Atlanta, GA and one of my friends from work will be down in Athens, GA which is only an hour away so we'll be able to hang out some too. Which rocks.

So all is well in my little head! (well for now anyways)

Thursday, June 28, 2001

Things are finally getting back to normal. Conflicts have been resolved after last night's little session and notes. Guy situation is pretty much at a stand still at this point...ask me and I'll explain. Otherwise there's no sense in me going into detail. Vacation is have been bought (which is funny to me). Why did we buy tickets to fly out to Denver??? We fly for free, but b/c it's so hard to get into that airport daddy just decided to save the stress and just bought the tickets instead...oh well...whatever works!