Thursday, July 26, 2001

Ever have one of those dreams that is just so good that you automatically assume it's for real and that when you wake up it's going to keep going?? And that it really is happening? Yeah...I woke up this morning hoping I was really moving into WCU today...haha...and was sadly mistaken to realize I still have 3 more weeks. I don't know if I can stand it much longer...I'm so...agrivated...about many things, and I know that me going off to school is going to be SOOOO good for me in soooo many ways. I just wish it were sooner...but then again I don't. I'm going to miss everyone, but there's some people I can't wait to get that far away from haha. But I guess that's just the way it goes. Of course there is that one person that is going to WCU that I wish was moving to like Timbucktoo or something haha...oh well...hopefully there'll be enough going on that I won't have to see him. :) Stupid people. haha Oh! And I talked to my roommate the other day....and I'm happy to say she sounds normal and like we'll get along fine. So that was cool and comforting.

Hmm...well off to enjoy the rain! Later Days!

Sunday, July 22, 2001

I'm actually really really starting to enjoy my summer now that I've gotten the chance to hang out with people! haha...everyone's schedules have been so wack that I haven't gotten to see that many people until recently. So that's been cool...hard to believe it'll all be over in a month...kinda crazy!

I finally got my guitar the other day! Went down to charlotte and got's right's blue! yay! It's a Hohner if anyone cares. So yeah...I'm excited now...learning to play is the next challenge which I think will be fun too! :)

Ok yeah that's disturbing...I just was flipping channels and caught a glimpse of the "number 1" music video on nickelodeon this's by some random "dreamstreet" group...a new boy band that can't be any older than like 10 maybe...a whole new generation of